WayteQ x950BT-HD

SiRF Atlas V, Dual Core ARM11 500 MHz
(with 250 MHz DSP processor)

5" touchscreen TFT LCD, 800x480 pixel

4 GB ROM, 128MB RAM, microSD / microSDHC support

Bluetooth, FM-transmitter


The new WayteQ devices with Atlas V processor know everything what the previous ones knew. The new CPU provides developed GPS support. The dual core processor contains a DSP core, 250MHz, especially for helping in calculating the computing necessarry for navigation. The enhanced GPS receiver could gather the signals even via 64 channels. The faster DDR2 memory bus support ensures the data transmission among the memory and the processor. Energy comsumption will be lower so we can use the navigation and other functions for longer time.

x950BT is having brand new menu with previous functions on the main page. Besides of the former, excellent features (music, video and flash playing, text, e-book) new and useful utilities appeared. We can change the menu themes and backgrounds. Also checking the use of the system resources is possible with a new function. There is a possibility for reaching the operating system directly which wides the potentality of the usage of the device.


With it's built-in bluetooth connection, x950BT-HD can make or recieve calls your through your cellphone. FM-ransmitter can put the sound of your multimedia content or the voice of navigation guidence through an FM frequnecy to an FM-receiver, e.g. you can hear them in your car hi-fi.


The x950BT-HD with its 5" LCD with 800x480 px, 4GB storage and 128MB memory is a worthy successor of the very popular x950BT.


Technical specification:
LCD size:5" touch screen TFT LCD
LCD colours:65 536 shades
LCD resolution:800 x 480 (16:9 ratio)
LCD orientation:landscape
Processor (CPU):SiRF Atlas V, 500MHz ARM11 CPU with 250MHz Enhanced DSP for GPS
Memory:4 GB (for storage)
Memory (RAM):128 MB (for running programs)
GPS-receiver:Atlas V, (64 channels)
Memory card:microSD, microSDHC slot
Earphone output:3.5mm jack
Operating system:Windows CE 6.0
Battery type:Lithium-ion 1800 mAh (built-in)
Navigation software:Optional
Size:135 x 85,9 x 14,3 mm

Package content

Package content:

  • Wayteq x950BT-HD PNA navigation device
  • Car holder (suction cup + arm)
  • Car charger
  • USB cable
  • User's manual



Included accessories: 

For data transmission, 0,8 m

Car charger to use with models chargable through USB connection

  • For models with 5" screen
  • Match with 3 point console
  • Suction cup fog GPS navigation
  • 3 point mount
  • Turnable ball joint
  • Adhesive pad with vacuum for massive holding
Optional accessories: 

DC charger to use with models chargable through USB connection

  • Mountable on handlebar
  • Massive hold
  • Turnable
  • 4 point cradle
  • For devices with 5" screen
  • Excellent solution to see screen in heavy sunlight
  • For models with 5” screen
  • To use with x920, x920BT, x950, x950-HD, x950BT, x950BT-HD, x990
  • Excellent quailty case for WayteQ PNDs with 5" screen (x920, x920BT, x950, x950-HD, x950BT, x950BT-HD, x990)
  • Glass beaded screen outside
  • Hardened front and back to protect device
  • Spongy inside
  • Netted container for accessories (memory card, stylus etc)
  • Add real-time traffic information to your navigation device
  • No hidden costs, free to use